The LAST TechHub Demo Night

 The Heart Warsaw
Warsaw Spire, Pl. Europejski 1 Warszawa

 09 May 2017
From 18:30 To 20:30

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Join the last TechHub Demo Night in Warsaw!

Since TechHub Warsaw opened its doors in November 2016, we met 11 times. Each time you could watch 6 amazing startups in action. Each time the audience was full. And fabulous! We want to make this last Demo Night very special. We want you to remember it, open your mind, meet people from all over the world and get back home inspired.

Check out the best tech startups in town!





  • 18.30: Warm up / Networking

  • 19.00: Demos start (8 presentations, 3 min each + 3 min Q&A)

  • 20.15: Demos end and we continue informal discussions over beer and a slice of pizza

  • 21.00: Afterparty in Łysy Pingwin


Meet the awesome demoers:

The International Cochran Piano Competition is the first entirely online piano competition, focusing on innovation, technology and comprehensive, long-term artistic development.


Hector24 is an intelligent camera, which analyzes the behavior of the horse, signals danger and makes daily reports using artificial intelligence.


Gerere Volunteering is a platform for running, managing and animating employees volunteering. Users motivate each other to spend their time on volunteering, either joining projects or creating their own ones.


Politikon is first open prediction market...wait, what? We opened a stock market (so far the currency are points), where people trade knowledge - their prediction of future events outcome. It works as an betting platform where players can bet YES or NO if they think particular thing in the world is going to happen.


Zipo Bike - an infrastructure of parking stations for bicycles that can be opened and closed with a mobile app or a magnetic card.


That's not all. We picked 3 people that did their demos in the past 1,5 years and who did a huge progress since we last saw them on stage. These projects are:


Sense S-One is a next generation snow monitoring system. Since we last saw them, they won a bunch of competitions and pitched in front of the President of Poland and much more.


NaviParking is a smart city solution for car drivers and car park managers, packed into the form of a mobile app. It allows drivers to find the nearest and cheapest available parking space and navigates them towards it. They got admitted to IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups.


Photo & Picture Resizer: the easy-to-use Image Resizer helps you quickly reduce your picture size or resolution. Since we last saw them on stage a year ago, they got from 1.5 mln downolads to... 4.5 mln downloads.